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Empower your Microsoft Dynamics ERP with ReQlogic & docAlpha

We have partnered with ArtSyl to bring optical character recognition (OCR) functionality to ReQlogic. ArtSyl’s data and document capture solution – docAlpha – provides a platform that allows you to automate and streamline document management.

Integrating docAlpha with ReQlogic enables you to extract data from existing documents and files, then organize and leverage that data to automate business processes. docAlpha automatically captures, classifies, and sorts large volumes of structured and semi structured documents – extracting useful data. ReQlogic then validates the scanned information against your business rules before creating transactions and routing documents for approval.

With the docAlpha integration users can scan invoices, validate data, and create invoices in ReQlogic. The documents can then be reviewed, edited, and submitted for approval using the Approval Workflow engine in ReQlogic to route documents to the various approvers. Once documents are approved, ReQlogic automatically creates invoices in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

docAlpha provides smart OCR functionality that:

  • Learns and adapts to new documents allowing for intelligent data extraction
  • Automatically identifies, sorts, and classifies documents
  • Reads and extracts from printed and handwritten documents

Integrating OCR functionality with ReQlogic enables you to:

  • Transform documents and data into information and action throughout your organization
  • Automate routine operations and empower your resources to focus on adding greater value and continuous improvement
  • Maximize efficiency while minimizing errors from tedious, manual tasks like data entry, approval routing and status reporting

Get the automation of docAlpha and the cost control and efficiency of ReQlogic in one integrated solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs.

About ReQlogic

ReQlogic for Microsoft Dynamics delivers powerful browser-based functionality to drive eProcurement, requisitions, invoices, expense reports, and time tracking throughout your business, powering efficiency and controlling costs for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, GP, SL, and NAV.

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