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AP Automation: The Life of an AP Invoice with ReQlogic

AP Automation is a hot topic for good reason. Transforming your vendors’ invoices to a standard, electronic format for processing eliminates errors and saves time and money.

Tracing the life of an AP invoice through ReQlogic and into the Microsoft Dynamics ERP highlights how ReQlogic supports and enhances the AP Automation process.

Invoice Input

It all starts with how invoices are received from your vendors. ReQlogic provides several options that allow vendors to enter invoices directly into the system. Each option creates an invoice document within ReQlogic. Direct input alleviates the bottleneck of manual entry and ensures accuracy from the originating source.

  • Electronic Invoice Processing enables vendors to send invoices as attachments to a mailbox at your company and ReQlogic automatically creates invoice documents from the emails with the attachments included.
  • Another option is ReQlogic’s Vendor Portal. Through a secure connection, vendors can enter invoice documents directly in the system. Data entry is minimal, and the actual invoices can be uploaded as attachments.
  • ReQlogic’s OCR solution with DocAlpha is a comprehensive integration that takes full advantage of Optical Character Recognition processing. Through DocAlpha, vendors can send invoices by email, EDI, or other formats. Business rules specific to the vendor are used to extract data from this input to create the invoice documents in ReQlogic.

Other options enable entry from within your organization. These options can be particularly useful for invoices sent as PDFs or hardcopies.

The Invoice Preview and Entry module enables entry of simple, one-line invoice documents. Invoices in PDF format can be uploaded for previewing, and the previewed file is attached to the created invoice document. OCR can also be used to scan hardcopy invoices. The same business rules described above can apply when extracting data directly from the hardcopy.

Invoice Documents

The above input options create invoice documents in ReQlogic. Information from the invoice – including vendor name, terms, items, and totals – are saved and presented in a uniform format. Easy to read. Easy to understand.

An AP department member, who is automatically assigned and is the responsible person, can perform an initial review, check coding for financials, and submit the document for approval through ReQlogic’s workflow. The OCR option allows documents to be automatically submitted upon creation.

ReQlogic’s workflow engine can route invoice documents based on any number of configurable criteria. For example, managers can see documents when totals reach a certain threshold or if variances are identified for invoices associated with purchase orders.

During this time, approvers can review the original invoice attached and see notes and comments from others involved in the process.

Voucher Transactions

Fully approved invoice documents create corresponding AP voucher transactions in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP. ReQlogic products integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud and On Premise), GP, SL, and NAV.

It’s at this point voucher and payment processing related to the invoice is completed in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and we’re at the end. The efficiencies gained from ReQlogic enable you to pay promptly and take advantage of early payment terms.

Streamline Your AP Automation in Microsoft Dynamics

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