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Reduce Work Interruptions & Improve Communication with ReQlogic’s Vendor Portal

Are inquiries from vendors disrupting your workday? Does digging for information prevent timely responses to vendor questions? If so, you can remedy this situation with ReQlogic’s Vendor Portal.

ReQlogic Vendor Portal Benefits

The ReQlogic Vendor Portal is a website that fosters improved information access and communication for your suppliers. Rather than calling you when questions come up, vendors can access the information they need, when they need it.

Improve Information Access

The ReQlogic Vendor Portal provides suppliers with automated, around-the-clock access to purchase orders, payment details and invoice status, eliminating their need to interrupt you, saving time and reducing email ‘tag’. The PO and invoice status can be accessed online and then downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet for future reference. The Vendor Portal has a document library used to store and share important documents in one place. Easily access contracts, I-9 forms, terms and conditions, product specifications or any other document pertinent to the vendor.

Better Communication

The ReQlogic Vendor Portal also includes a Conversations feature, a chat-like functionality allowing you to track and record communication between you and your suppliers. Conversation threads are accessed from a single location, allowing multiple users to participate in the uploading of documents, and notification alerts to be sent when updates are made. Conversations is an easy way for suppliers to communicate with you whether they are checking on a payment, inquiring about a PO, offering promotional pricing or any other question. This functionality can be easily expanded to include additional people in your system reducing redundant and unnecessary email threads. Instead of digging through your email history, search through historical conversations by topic, type, priority, or date!

Optimize Vendors’ Experience

Robust administrative capability gives you complete control over how the Vendor Portal is presented to suppliers. You can set up individual users from each supplier, using roles and access rights to control the availability of menu items and resources within the portal. This provides unique views to easily access pertinent data. Vendor Portal screens can also be configured using ReQlogic’s built-in customization tools, allowing you to store supplier-specific data, such as contract expiration dates, social security numbers or identifying numbers for 1099 vendors through the addition of custom fields.

Efficient, Authorized Onboarding

Onboarding new vendors is easily handled with a dedicated document we call a Vendor Request. You can request a new vendor by simply entering vendor information into the system and submitting the Vendor Request for approval. Once the Vendor Request completes the specified workflow and is fully approved, a vendor record is created in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. This functionality ensures that requests for new vendors pass automatically through your unique approval process before the vendor record is generated in your Dynamics ERP system. The ability to upload documents with the request eliminates the need to search through your files to see if you have received and filed pertinent documents during the approval process. The ReQlogic Vendor Portal also incorporates ReQlogic’s existing Request for Quotes (RFQ) functionality.

Vendor Portal for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs

ReQlogic’s Vendor Portal allows your vendors to help themselves to documents, invoice entry, communication, and vendor reports. Not only will this streamline your operations, but your vendor will reap the benefits too. To learn more about ReQlogic and the Vendor Portal, contact us now.