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How to Maximize Your Procurement Software Support

One consideration when evaluating new procurement software is support and customer care. When you purchase and implement new software solutions, you want to make sure that software is running smoothly and your team members are getting the support they need to be effective and efficient.

ReQlogic’s support is unparalleled when it comes to procurement add-ons or apps for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs.  Don’t take our word for it:

“Support from ReQlogic is also superb.” – ReQlogic Partner

“The technical knowledge of ReQlogic’s Support Team blew me away and has allowed me to support my clients. While I continue to use the ReQlogic Support team constantly, I feel they empowered me with much of the knowledge I have today.”  – ReQlogic Partner

How Do I Get Help with ReQlogic?

Support incidents are managed through the ReQlogic Support Portal. The Support Portal allows efficient incident tracking by assigning a Support Incident Number when an incident is entered.

ReQlogic partners and customers on a current enhancement plan are encouraged to contact our support team if they have any issues, questions about the application, or need product information.

How do I get the best support from ReQlogic?

Below are 5 tips to communicate with the ReQlogic Support Team more efficiently and achieve faster resolution.

1. Don’t hold back on the details

  • Be as thorough as you can when describing the issue
  • Identify the error message displayed (if applicable)
  • Tell us on what screen the issue is occurring
  • Describe what the user was doing when the issue occurred. For example, “they were clicking the save button on the requisition header page when they received the following error message.”
  • Include whether the issue is happening to more than one user (if applicable)


2. Differentiate whether this is an isolated issue or if there are other issues that might be related

If you have several related questions, enter them into one incident. If they are unrelated, or you have more than one issue, please enter those as separate incidents.

If you have several related questions, enter them into one incident. If they are unrelated, or you have more than one issue, please enter those as separate incidents.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words

To provide more clarity, attach screen shots of the error message (if applicable) or of the screen to show where the error is taking place.

If an issue could be associated with transactions that ReQlogic generates into the Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, those screen shots should also be attached. This can help pinpoint any discrepancies between data in the two applications.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to turn off your pop-up blockers when uploading attachments in the ReQlogic support portal.

4. Review past support incidents

If you think you’ve experienced a ReQlogic issue before and want resolution, or you simply want to survey what you or others in your organization have entered in to the ReQlogic support portal, you can readily review past incidents.

The portal’s filtering section allows you to search on “closed” incidents. You can also enter keywords related to any past issue. To view incidents from others within your organization, make sure the “Show all incidents for my company” checkbox is selected.

5. Check the Documentation and Help Section

ReQlogic has comprehensive user content as part of its documentation and help system. If you have a functional question or need information about a configuration setting, your quickest avenue to finding that information may be reviewing the User Guide or Help.

To better illustrate these tips, here is a real support issue that was resolved quicker because of the information that the user provided.

“Our new purchaser is getting a pop-up message when attempting to process a PO on the Buyer Review and Selection screen this morning. The message is ‘This process is currently being run by another user. Please wait a few moments and try again.’ See the attached screenshot.”

Because of the detail and screenshot included, ReQlogic support was able to resolve this issue quickly by letting the user know how to unlock the process, and then by explaining how processes could become locked in case this issue arises in the future.

About ReQlogic’s Support Team

The ReQlogic Support Team consists of a knowledgeable team of professionals with a deep understanding of the unique needs of ReQlogic customers. Our Support turnaround time is very fast. All incidents are responded to within the same day, but more often then not within one to two hours of creation.

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